Welcome to everyone in this organization. Our door is always open. National Research Council (NRCN), as the national apical body for promoting research across the country, has been working in strengthening evidence-informed decision making in Nepal. Its primary functions are to regulate (ethics and related) various fields research in the country; generate and/or collate evidence so as to enhance its uptake in the national decision making as well as policy and plan development; enhancing research capacity in the country.

We have been able to facilitate ethical approval of various research in the country through the national ethical review board as well as institutional review committees at the institutional level. High-quality evidence generation, especially from the studies at the national level, has been our priority and we thrive towards it in excellence. Evidence synthesis in the form of systematic reviews, scoping reviews, secondary data analysis will be one of the top priorities in the days to come. Research policies and plans, as well as a majority of programs and interventions, are still decided on an ad-hoc basis in Nepal. However, the latest trend has been changing. There is an enhanced understanding of the importance of evidence in deciding such interventions and actions.

In addition, regularly updating the research priorities to meet the research service needs of the Nepalese people will be our priority activities. Furthermore, we are moving ahead in developing the NRCN as evidence synthesis hub. We also keep national as well as international collaboration such as with academia and research organizations in top priority to build national research capacity. We continue to foster an enabling environment for evidence generation, high-quality ethical research, as well as availability and uptake of evidence at all levels.

Mr. Bhishma Karki

Executive chairman