Division of Occupational and Environmental Health

Residents and fellows select a research emphasis early in their training, with guidance and advice from the faculty, and can take advantage of the many fields of research within the entire NRCN.
While many works directly with our faculty, others work with the diverse array of internationally recognized faculty throughout the Diamond Poly-clinic and Diagnosis Center and the School of Medicine.
During their research projects, residents and fellows gain experience and competence in hypothesis generation, survey design, data management and analysis, scientific writing, and presentation. Trainees will gain confidence in their ability to ask—and answer—important questions in occupational and environmental health that will define their practice in later years.
The Division of Occupational and Environmental Health (DOH) is involved in research and education, as well as consultation and service in occupational and environmental health. The Division is multidisciplinary in faculty background and research.


Our research focuses on current and emerging issues in three major areas:
Recognition and mitigation of biological, chemical, physical, and social health hazards especially in urban and multicultural communities;
Work-stress and somatic and mental health, and their implication for human capital asset management;
Organizational/cultural determinants of patient-staff processes and treatment outcomes;
We collaborate both with, Diamond poly-Clinic And Diagnosis Center Nepal-based researchers, as well as with a range of international colleagues.