There are many different types of animals in the world. Many animals are quite similar to each other. The lately report says that almost 225 species of mammals have been found in Nepal. The Himalayan country Nepal and its mammals are found in all habitat types, from the snowy mountain of Himalayan to hot stemming forest of terai plain and show a variety of adaptation.

Wild animals are absolutely advantageous for us. Animals can be classified based on their similarities. You can see many types of mammals within a small range as many of them have made the national park their home. Since a long Nepal’s national parks are quite famous for the wildlife safari. This small but rich destination has been giving its charm to the world. Let's join us to gain an excellent experience of the wildlife even in a short period.

The distribution of mammals in Nepal is very diverse due to its geographical features and different climatic zones. The Asiatic Elephant is found in great numbers in the Royal Bardia National Park in the lowlands of western Nepal. This park is on a traditional elephant migratory route from the western Terai to Corbett National Park in India. The one-horned Rhinoceros can be found in Chitwan Jungle National Park and in some other Terai parks as reintroduced species. The last remaining wild buffalo are found in a small herd in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in the eastern Terai. The Royal Bengal Tiger, common leopard and snow leopard are an endangered species, and they remain in small numbers, as a result, people often refer to them as elusive.

Other animals include Asiatic black bear, sloth bear, rhesus monkeys, langur, red panda, spotted deer, barking deer, Himalayan tahr, serow, the musk deer (in small numbers in the middle hills to upper valleys of the Himalaya), common Goral, blue sheep, Gaur, wild boar, and porcupine. In the Royal Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve in the south-west corner of Nepal, there are herds of swamp deer, with the black buck found in the Bardia region. Near Lumbini the Blue Bull Antelope (Nilgai in Nepali) has made a comeback from 2-5 animals in the early 1990s to nearly 200. The wild dog, the golden jackal, the striped hyena, and wolves are also found in Nepal. Other smaller animals include martens, pika, giant red flying squirrel, common squirrel, freshwater otter, Himalayan marmot, and weasel to mention a few. Although the above-listed animals are found in Nepal, some species are regional while others are widespread throughout the country.

Most of the above animals can be seen in various national parks in Nepal. The most difficult to see are the common leopard, snow leopard, Royal Bengal tiger, jackal, striped hyena, and wolves altogether with the Yeti. Sighting wildlife in Nepal is best in Chitwan Jungle National Park some four-hour drive south of the capital Kathmandu. Chitwan is a lush tropical evergreen jungle in the Narayani River floodplains that provide protected shelters for both herbivores and carnivores.